Endless Ocean Review
March 8, 2008, 2:13 pm
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Endless Ocean: A charming and tranquil diving experience on the Wii

Endless Ocean is the latest addition to Nintendo’s Touch! Generations range of games. Released at the budget price of £19.99, I was admitedly sceptcal of how well the ‘wonders of the ocean’ would translate onto the Wii platform. It would also be fair to say to that whilst I can very much see the appeal of diving in real life, I doubted whether the experience was really suited to a great video game.Well, having been compelled to spend over 8 hours of the last week exploring the fictional Manaurai Sea and its many wonders, I can safely say this game is far from a gimmick!

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Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis
March 5, 2008, 11:26 pm
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Rockstar ports Table Tennis from 360 to the Wii with mixed success.When I saw this release for the 360, I was almost tempted to go out and buy the console for it. Admitedly, Table Tennis was never meant to be a sytem seller like Halo 3 etc, but I fell in love with this game from the moment I saw it. The developers – Rockstar Games, are often shrouded in controversy for being the team behind the ultra violent GTA. Despite the drugs, prostitutes and killing, there’s a maticulous amount of work and attention to detail that made GTA great and I sensed that those same qualities were at work in Table Tennis. Despite its budget price tag, the 360 version of the game was critically acclaimed, with breath-taking player models, an intuitive but intricate control scheme, and top class presentation. So just over a year later and still without a 360 I decided to give the new Wii version a try, who knows, it could be a perfect match for the Wii-mote!.

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