FIFA10 Game Face
October 29, 2009, 10:18 pm
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FIFA10 Game Face

Ever dreamt of playing for your favourite club – well now you can!

In this years installment of FIFA from EA Sports they have rolled out a new feature that allows you to impose a 3D representation of your face onto your in game ‘Pro’. Now if you’re anything like me you will be thinking that you have seen this all before and it will just be the usual low resolution 2D webcam image stretched over a generic in game character model creating a creepy looking long lost cousin rather than a true representation. However after a quick visit to the easportsfootball website my concerns were quickly dispelled. Although it’s still a Beta release the tool uses both a front and side view of your head to generate a fully detailled 3D model.

The Game Face utility is accessed online, you will need to download and install a couple of utilities but from there all the magic happens from within your browser. Initially you are asked to upload a picture of the front of your face, there are whole list of recomendations for composing the pic, but I just used my camera default settings stuck the flash on and struck a passport photo style pose.

Given the life like character models of