Endless Ocean Review
March 8, 2008, 2:13 pm
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Endless Ocean: A charming and tranquil diving experience on the Wii

Endless Ocean is the latest addition to Nintendo’s Touch! Generations range of games. Released at the budget price of £19.99, I was admitedly sceptcal of how well the ‘wonders of the ocean’ would translate onto the Wii platform. It would also be fair to say to that whilst I can very much see the appeal of diving in real life, I doubted whether the experience was really suited to a great video game.Well, having been compelled to spend over 8 hours of the last week exploring the fictional Manaurai Sea and its many wonders, I can safely say this game is far from a gimmick!

Although the premise is very simple, name your diver, dive in and start exploring, there is real depth and design to the pacing of this game. I genuinely feel relaxed whilst playing and although the gameplay can get monotonous, the game rewards persistance with a string of breathtaking set pieces.

Every time you go underwater the experience is different, the devlopers have done a fantastic job of creating a realistic environment for you to investigate.


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